<h2> A New Experience </h2>

A New Experience

• Pack a dish full of your favorite herbs in seconds with the simple push of a button

• Secure and portable storage protects your herbs and allows you to easily transport them worry-free

• Never suffer from a spilled grinder again, PenSimple doesn't have to open to dispense

<h2> The Ultimate Grinder </h2>

The Ultimate Grinder

• Unique vertical design provides a larger grind chamber, increased storage, and an improved grinding experience

• PenSimple can easily be used with one hand to get all your herbs exactly where you want them

• PenSimple is the only grinder that stores days or weeks worth of ground herbs ready at the push of a button


  • Easy to Clean

    PenSimple was designed with the stickiest of herbs in mind. The modular design makes the occasional cleaning a breeze.

  • Premium Quality

    PenSimple is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and has an anodized finish; making it lightweight and durable.

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Does PenSimple grind the herb for you?

Yes. PenSimple has grinder that can be removed for additional storage capacity. The grinder is manual and works just like most other herb grinders.

How much herb can PenSimple store?

PenSimple stores just over a gram of many popular ground herbs. Removing the grind teeth increases the storage capacity to about 3 grams of ground herbs.

When can I expect to get my PenSimple?

We will be shipping the first batch starting at the end of February 2017 with all pre-sales shipped out by the end of April. We will be fulfilling orders on a first come first serve basis. Expected shipping for new orders is April 2017. You can read our most recent production update here: https://www.getpensimple.com/pages/productionupdate2

What are the dimensions of PenSimple?

PenSimple is 1" in diameter and just over 7" in length.

Why would I buy a PenSimple?

Well, it depends. Have you ever gotten your fingers sticky with herbs? Have you ever spilled a grinder? Are you thinking of the person this would be the perfect gift for? These are just a few of the reasons, let us know yours!