A New Experience

  • Pack a bowl full of your favorite herbs in seconds with the push of a button
  • Dispenser won't jam on you, it's designed to work even with dense or sticky herbs
  • PenSimple can easily be used with one hand to get all your herbs exactly where you want them

A Portable Vault

  • Secure storage protects your herbs and allows you to easily transport them worry-free
  • Never suffer from a spilled grinder again, PenSimple doesn't have to open to dispense
  • Keep your herbs fresh and off your fingers, ensure that none of your herbs are wasted



The Ultimate Grinder

  • Unique vertical design provides a larger grind chamber, increased storage, and an improved grinding experience
  • Precision-machined teeth grind herbs without dulling or flaking, giving you a consistent grind directly into the storage chamber
  • PenSimple is the only grinder that stores weeks worth of ground herbs ready at the push of a button

and more...

Impeccable Quality

PenSimple is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and has an anodized finish; making it lightweight and durable.

Easy to Clean

The modular design makes cleaning a breeze, and all of the small and moving parts are protected from your herbs.

Discreet Shape

PenSimple is a breed all its own. Blending easily on desks and in bags, it rarely looks out of place.

Reviewers Wanted

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