PenSimple Medium Doob Tube

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STORE – Air-tight storage makes packaging and transporting your herbs a breeze. Each medium tube can fit one large or two small rolls. With air-tight storage and a solid black color these tubes are the perfect way to carry your favorite herbs. These tubes can also be used to store ground herbs that can be easily poured wherever you need them to go.

PORTABLE – The medium tubes are are 3.8” x .75”. These tubes can easily fit into pockets, bags, purses, and more. With a secure top, waterproof seal, and no metal material, the PenSimple doob tube is perfect for adventure. Load one or more up and take them boarding, skiing, hiking, or however you prefer to get out there.

AIR-TIGHT – Secure storage designed for active lifestyles. Don’t worry about the contents of your PenSimple doob tube being seen, spilled, or smelled. The snap top is easy to open when you want but will securely remain closed when you don’t. The inert material ensures that there is no ‘plastic smell’ and that what you put inside comes out exactly as you put it in.  Block odors and prevent smell from escaping with these great vials.

SOLID – Opaque black coloring keeps light away from the container contents. This not only protects your herbs from the elements, but from prying eyes. The solid construction also ensures that your PenSimple doob tube will last for many years, storing whatever you need the whole time.

CHILL – Can be used to make cylindrical ice cubes perfect for water bottles and keeping other cylinders cold. Impress your friends with a unique, chill experience. The cylindrical ice cubes are not only ideal for water bottles, but for any cylinder you wish to put it in. With a larger surface area than most ice cubes, these ice cylinders will more rapidly and completely cool down whatever it comes into contact with.