Wholesale FAQ

What is our product lineup?

We have two innovative grinders that solve different consumer problems:

1) PenSimple: PenSimple is a revolutionary herb grinder and portable storage vault that makes your ground herbs accessible at the push of a button.

2) PenSimple Direct: It is PenSimple without the electronic dispenser. The fully manual and even more portable version.

Please check out our 2 products and 4 accessories on our product catalogue: 

PenSimple Product Catalogue Link

Who qualifies for the wholesale discount?

Brick & mortar retail stores, dropshippers and distributors.  We currently do not offer wholesale pricing to online-only retail outlets, marketplace and individual sellers. We do make case by case exceptions.

Please apply through our wholesale application to find out if you qualify.

What is the wholesale discount?

If you apply and are granted a wholesale account, our MOQ = $100. This will grant you 50% discount off retail price.

What is your shipping cost?

Free US Shipping for orders over $200.

It will depend on the number of units and where we are shipping to.  Send an email to wholesale@getpensimple.com and we will get you a quote.

The shipping rate we quote you will only include freight, meaning it does not include any other fees such as VAT, duty, or customs fees.

Can you ship Duties Delivered Paid (DDP)?

We have the option to ship DDP for orders going into the EU or UK. 


MSRP = manufacturer’s suggested retail price || MAP = minimum advertised price

Domestic (United States) - MSRP - $70 | MAP (US) - $55
International (Canada & Mexico) - MSRP - $70 | MAP (US) - $55

International (Everywhere else) - MSRP - $80 | MAP (US) - $65

MSRP around the world for PenSimple Wholesale

Products purchased without advertisement cannot be sold for lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

In the event the Wholesale Profile chooses to advertise the products on sale, the Wholesale Account shall not discount the products more than minimum advertised price (MAP). The MAP only applies to physical brick and mortar stores.

How many can units can be bought in one order if I buy directly through the site?

Domestic & International - 90.

Anything larger will be done through a custom invoice since we have not finalized our shipping rates for various different size orders to every country. Reach out to wholesale@getpensimple for any inquiries above these amounts.  

How are PenSimple and PenSimple Direct packaged for wholesale?

If 10 or more units are purchased, they come in our wholesale packaging. The 10-pack can be used as a display case and includes selling points for how and why a customer might use PenSimple. 

PenSimple Wholesale Packaging - Back Side. All the talking points

The PenSimple Direct comes within the PenSimple box for every 10 units ordered.

PenSimple Direct Packaging for Wholesale Orders within the PenSimple Box


How is the product displayed?

We include merchandising material with all wholesale purchases in the United States. For international orders, it may be included depending on order size but a digital version will be sent in your order confirmation. 

For the preferred layouts, please check out the link below:

PenSimple Product Catalogue Merchandising Link

What is the return & warranty policy of PenSimple?

1 year limited warranty. No refunds after shipping, exchange only but can be refunded anytime before shipping. Any defective unit will need to be returned and shipped in order to receive a new one.

You can read the full return policy here

Can we take our own photos?

PenSimple will provide any promotional material that you might need for in-store or online purposes. Should you require any additional images, please contact us.

Do you offer white labeling and co-branding options?

We offer co-branding options but not white labeling. Your logo would be placed on the cap of either the PenSimple or PenSimple Direct.

Is there a wholesale agreement going over all these details?

Yes there it is. We have a pdf link here

I want to be a PenSimple distributor, what do I do?

Please fill out our wholesale application. We will be following up within 24-48 hours to schedule a time to talk in more detail about the information provided.


PenSimple is only the first of many ideas we have and we are looking to create relationships for the long-term instead of focusing on short-term gains.