PenSimple Doob Tube Advanced Uses

The PenSimple Doob Tube can be used in many ways. The airtight, watertight, smell-proof design really opens up the possibilities. Here we have listed some of our favorites, let us know yours!

1. Pre-roll, cone, J, or other rolled paper storage and protection.

2. Store ground herbs and pour them out as needed.

3. Make cylindrical ice cubes. Fill with water up to the top of the logo. Snap closed and lay on its side in the freezer. Use butter knife or fingernail to pop open the top. Add small amount of warm water to loosen ice, and then tap against palm upside down to release the perfect ice cylinder.

4. Store ground herbs and load a one-hitter from the doob tube.

5. Use the bottom of the tube to suffocate a flame and prevent unwanted burning

6. Use it to knock ash off of your burning paper / roll

7. Use it store a half-finished paper. Just drop it in and close the lid and any remaining flame will quickly extinguish.

8. Use it to store candy like Skittles or M&Ms.