Production Update 7

More than 8,000 PenSimples have shipped so far with 1,000 shipping next week and 1,100 more following that. Our manufacturer is hitting their stride and we have maintained a very low defect rate so far. This has been quite the experience for our whole team and we are very thankful for the massive amount of support and patience you have all showed us.

We have reached orders that were only authorized when the order was placed at which point we will begin re-authorizing and charging these pre-orders. If you are one of these orders you will receive an email letting you know and we will work with you to ensure we have the proper billing and shipping information on file. If you need to update your shipping address or billing information, please let us know at

With the end of pre-sales approaching, we will be increasing the price of PenSimple by $10 to recognize the reduction in delivery time on new orders. This price change will go into effect at the end of this month. In addition, pre-sale orders will receive discounts on future PenSimple modifications and accessories as a thank you for your early support. We will be offering a discount of at least 40% on the first accessory, which we hope to have available before the holiday season. We will continue to work to improve your consumption experiences and help save you time and herbs. Thank you again for your support.

Have a great weekend,

JAEB Designs

Brian, Jesse, Paul, Deland, Zach