Production Update 6

Production Update 6: 5,500+ PenSimples shipped, 1,500 more ship this week

We have shipped more than 5,500 units so far and we are excited to be getting feedback from everyone. 1,500 more PenSimples are shipping this week, which will cover all remaining October orders and most November orders. The remaining November orders, December orders, and early January orders have been assembled and inspected; they are currently on their way to our fulfillment center. We expect this batch of units to ship out late next week or early the week after. We are on track to ship all pre-orders made before June 13th by the end of July, with the remainder in early August.

We are already more than half-way through our 11,000-unit order backlog and we are now fulfilling about a month’s worth of orders per batch. We will continue focusing completely on producing and shipping PenSimples until the full amount has been delivered. When we have shipped out all of the PenSimple pre-orders and have inventory on hand, we will start developing new accessories. All pre-sale orders will receive discounts on future PenSimple modifications and accessories as a thank you for your early support and patience.

New accessories will be designed based on the feedback we receive and we will focus on ways to maximize the value of your PenSimple. We are always working to improve the product and we will be sending out surveys to everyone after they receive their PenSimple to ensure we hear all of your thoughts. We started this project almost four years ago as a team of two with an idea. After three years of development we launched and were overwhelmed by the demand for PenSimple. While this caused delays, we were able to add three more members to the team and refine all of our processes for large scale manufacturing. We are all eagerly awaiting the day when all 11,000+ pre-orders have been sent out and will continue to work tirelessly to that end.

Have a great day,

Brian, Jesse, Paul, Deland, Zach

The PenSimple Team

PS: The bonus titanium bowl pokers have been very well received, although some of them have been hiding in between the two pieces of foam packaging. If you do not immediately see your titanium bowl poker, shake the packaging and it should become accessible.