Production Update 4

Units Shipping, Production Increasing

Your support continues to overwhelm us and we are extremely grateful for your patience and understanding. The first batch of PenSimples shipped and have been delivered to September orders. Our second batch of units has passed inspection and is currently on the way to our fulfillment center; they will begin shipping out of the center starting tomorrow. The third batch of units is currently being assembled and will be inspected and shipped out to our fulfillment center later this week. The second and third batches were smaller than we had hoped, but we are expecting to reach 2,000 units per week by batch five, if not batch four. We are steadily increasing our batch size as we become more confident in all of our processes and procedures.

More than 10,000 PenSimples have been ordered and we are currently doing everything we can to increase our production and get everyone their PenSimple as quickly as possible. We started with smaller batches because it allowed us to test a higher percentage of units to ensure that each one lived up to our expectations of high-quality. As our processes become more tested we are able to examine a smaller percentage of units which will allow us to ship more, faster. In addition to the loading funnel that will come with all PenSimple units, we added a titanium poker to all delayed orders to help compensate for the additional delivery time.

We are extremely excited to have started shipping PenSimples worldwide and we cannot wait until everyone has their PenSimple grinding, storing, and dispensing their herbs. Our team has worked early mornings and late nights doing our best to ensure you love your PenSimple when it arrives. We are very proud of the PenSimples that are shipping out and we are confident it will change the way you look at herb grinders. Thank you all again for your understanding and patience, we really appreciate your support and look forward to making PenSimple the ultimate herb accessory.

Have a great week,

Brian, Jesse, Paul, Deland, Zach

The PenSimple Team