Production Update 3

It has been a very busy month for all of the PenSimple team, but we have overcome our challenges and started processing units for final shipment. We updated our button design, finalized our assembly and quality control, and we are still on schedule to begin shipping units March. The first batch will ship to us next week and start shipping out to you in the third week of March. All orders placed in September will be part of this first batch of PenSimples. After this first batch, we will be assembling and shipping 1,000-2,000 PenSimples per week.


We know you have been waiting a while for your PenSimples and we really appreciate your patience.  Please know there is no one that wants these units to ship out more than us. We have been spending large amounts on expedite fees, premium materials, and quality control to speed up delivery while ensuring every PenSimple is high quality. Due to this intensive focus on delivery speed and quality, we are not making these pre-sales for much (if any) profit. To reflect the higher material and quality control costs, on April 21st the price of PenSimple for new orders will increase to $79 + shipping. 


PenSimple has required more work and revisions than we ever imagined, but after 42 months of product development and team building, we cannot wait until the over 10,000 PenSimples that have been ordered are in your hands. We are very sorry for the delays we have faced, but thanks to all of your support we have overcome every obstacle and ended up with a more robust product. We will have our next update out within a few weeks and will keep you updated with our shipping status over social media until then. You will receive shipment tracking when your order is shipped from our distribution center, so you know exactly when to expect your PenSimple.


Have a great week,


Brian, Jesse, Paul, Deland, Zach

The PenSimple Team