Production Update 2

Small Company, Big Ambitions
Our tight-knit team has been working around the clock to begin shipping PenSimples around the world and we are in the final stretch. Your support has overwhelmed us and it continues to surpass our expectations. We were ready to produce 1,000 units and ended up having to make 10,000 in our first production run. I am sorry to say that we misjudged how long a production of this magnitude would take to set up properly.  While PenSimple is easy to use and it only has a single button, each unit has more than 60 components that go into it. 
When we opened pre-sales, we were a small team of two with a final product design.  We have now grown to a full team of five people dedicated to nothing but perfecting and shipping every PenSimple that has been ordered.  We are all working as hard as we can to get these units shipped out and we are extremely grateful for your understanding and patience.  We have only been able to get this far thanks to you and while we have had a couple setbacks, we are extremely excited about the final product that will be shipping out to everyone shortly.

Production Status
We have 10,000 sets of components, including packaging, funnels, USB cables, and PenSimples which will cover all pre-sale orders so far. The first 100 PenSimples are shipping to us this week, which will allow us to confirm our final assembly processes and components. From our user testing feedback, we have found one component that is causing a final delay due to its precise and critical nature, which is our power button. Our current button is functional, but it does not have the premium feel or top class experience that we expect to provide you. We are expediting new button manufacturing and will perform final testing of these buttons within a couple of weeks.  All delayed pre-sales will include a bonus to compensate for this final production delay and we are currently figuring out the logistics of this addition.  With initial production wrapping up, we will begin shipping units very soon.  

Shipping Schedule
From the beginning, we have focused on ensuring every PenSimple is delivered as a high-quality herb grinder and dispenser that works right out of the box and that has not changed. This goal did become more difficult with the high volume required. To produce at such a high volume, we have implemented quality control procedures that cover the full production process. After clearing these quality checks:

  • An initial 100 units will be shipped to us this week for final hands-on inspection
  • Final units will begin shipping to our warehouse in February and will then be processed and shipped from our fulfillment center to customers in early March.
  • We will be shipping 1,000-2,000 units per week on a first come first serve basis. 
  • You will receive shipment tracking when your order is on the way to let you know exactly when your PenSimple will arrive.

In Summary
PenSimple has been an incredible journey and I can’t wait until everyone has theirs in hand.  We have dedicated ourselves to making PenSimple a reality for over three years and while it has not been easy, I know that all of our hard work has created a great product. Our small team has sacrificed sleep, sanity, and our social lives to bring PenSimple to life, and I can’t thank all of you enough for your continued understanding and support.  I am very sorry for these production delays, they are the last thing we ever wanted to happen.  We have worked through each one as quickly as possible and the product has come out the other end of these issues stronger than it was before.  We will be sending out more frequent updates as we approach our first shipment of units so stay tuned.


Brian, Jesse, Paul, Deland, Zach
The PenSimple Team