Production and Shipping Update

It has been an unbelievable past two months and we are extremely excited with how many of you have purchased a PenSimple or are interested in purchasing a PenSimple.  In this message, I will introduce the people behind PenSimple to you, update you on our manufacturing progress, and detail our updated shipping timeline.  If you are only interested in when your order is shipping, skip to “Shipping Update”.

About Us

PenSimple was first conceived over three years ago, by two recent college graduates who combined experience in startups, expertise in mechanical engineering and a desire to improve the herb consumption experience.  Over those three years, we tested hundreds of designs to make an herb grinder and dispenser that works consistently without jamming, even with sticky herbs.  We waited until we had a final working product and manufacturing in place to open pre-sales, but in our first two months we got significantly more orders than we had planned for.  This demand has let us double our team size, but it has also caused some problems.

Production Update

In order to ensure the quality of every PenSimple and to add an accessory to the package, shipment has been delayed by two months.  After consumer testing we found that adding a 2” loading funnel makes using the whole pen for storage and dispensing significantly easier.  In addition, we decided to delay the shipping instead of using untested and potentially lower quality components due to our larger than expected order volume.  Production has already started and things are now in place, so we do not expect any delays beyond this one.

Shipping Update

Pre-sales will begin shipping in January of 2017, and all pre-sales will be shipped out by the end of March*.  We are shipping on a first come, first serve basis, so ordering early ensured that you will get one of the first PenSimples available.  We will send shipment tracking when the order is on the way so that you know when to expect it.  We can change the address or refund the order at any time before shipping, simply reach out to with your name and order number.

*Since writing this even more orders than expected came in. Expected shipping for new orders has been updated to April 2017 to match this increase.

Holiday Cards

We know that many people have purchased PenSimple as the perfect gift for someone else and are disappointed we are missing the holiday season.  We are currently designing holiday cards that can be given in the place of the PenSimple unit.  These cards will let the receiver know what PenSimple is, that they will be getting one of first ones available, and how great you are at picking gifts for them.  These cards will be available to download by the first week of December.

In Conclusion

We are excited about all of your interest and we apologize for the growing pains it has caused. We will be working around the clock until all of your orders are shipped out and we can’t wait until everyone has their PenSimple grinding, storing and dispensing their herbs.  Please reach out to us with any questions you have or if you would like to change the address or cancel your order.

Have a great week,


Brian, Jesse, Paul, Deland

The PenSimple Team

PS: We will be at MJBizCon Vegas.  Come by the CanopyBoulder booth to meet the team and test out a prototype!