Titanium Poker

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Used to clean out your PenSimple when you get those extra sticky herbs. Can also be used on any consumption device to ensure proper airflow and remove sticky residue. Now with unique oil slick coating that makes each poker one-of-a-kind.


CLEAN – Medical grade titanium is perfect for cleaning all of your equipment. Use it to remove sticky residue from all of your pieces. Perfect for cleaning, poking and scraping glass, metal, wood, plastic, and many more these pokers are a great addition to any setup. Removed residue easily washes off the oil slick surface and one poker can be used thousands of times.

UNIQUE – Heat treated finishing process delivers one of a kind finish to every poker. The unique beauty and craftsmanship in each poker is evident, especially when held up to a light source.

STRONG – Made from titanium and strengthened through machining, these pokers will last for years. The coating will not scrape, smudge, or wear and the poker itself is extremely durable. Buy a set of pokers that will last a lifetime.

SIMPLE – From the same people that brought you PenSimple and PenSimple Direct, these titanium pokers are designed to be easy to use. The pokers are a breeze to clean and the tube has a multitude of simple uses.