Utilizing Multiple PenSimples

The versatility of the PenSimple makes it the perfect gadget for a wide variety of situations. Whether you are grinding on a mountain, strolling through downtown on your way to a friends house, or dispensing into a pre-rolled cone, carrying your PenSimple means you are always ready to go. There are some situations however, when two PenSimples just further the ease of your life. Continue below to see why YOU should take advantage of having multiple PenSimples.
  • One for You, One for Friends
  • There is certainly something to be said for being the only one with a PenSimple (and therefor being the coolest one of your friends). With that said, twice the device means twice the fun. Get a few friends together and go in on a few pens. You will find that this gives you some flexibility that may be restricted by only having one. Those scenarios are detailed below. Also, it is the season for giving, isn’t it?!
  • Herb 1 vs Herb 2
  • Some herbs are extremely pungent, some are a little more tame. Some are uplifting, some are more mellow. Having multiple PenSimples allows you to quickly and easily switch between the two, and perhaps have them in different locations based on what herbs they are holding (which we will explain below).
  • On-The-Go vs On-The-Couch
  • As we have discussed before, PenSimple is perfect for mobile, On-The-Go situations. It holds up to 3 grams, it fits in your pocket, and is a secure, smell-proof and spill-proof way to transport your favorite herbs. It also however, is extremely handy for around the house. No longer do you have to pinch herbs and deal with messy fingers, simply load up the PenSimple with your favorite flavor and shoot your favorite bowls full in a matter of seconds.
  • Premix Blend vs One Herb
  • As our last blog detailed, blends are extremely popular with PenSimple usage, and having a storage unit that can dispense with the simple push of a button is very advantageous. In this scenario, you can have a fully loaded device of your favorite pre-mixed blend in one device, and carry a little extra of your favorite stuff in the other to play around with those different ratios in your blend.

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