The Best Foods To Carve and Use With Your PenSimple

Food is the best thing in the world. Simple food can be used to make extraordinary meals and some foods can be extremely versatile at getting us through the grind of the everyday. Below we have assembled five of the top foods to carve and add fire; these foods are perfect if you are in a pinch or just want to try something different than your everyday.  
1. The Apple
The classic. An apple is the go-to when times get tough. Providing a fruity and soothing pull, the apple is top of the pack for a good reason.
2. The Carrot
A slightly more adventurous option, the carrot provides plenty of length to work with. The shape is more variable than an apple, but carve a thick carrot and you will be good to go.
3. The Banana
A more difficult option due to its softness. We recommend freezing for a few minutes after carving to get the best experience. You can even use the peel as a container while it freezes.
4. The Watermelon
A larger option for those looking to go big. Watermelons are perfect on hot summer days when water just isn’t cutting it. These take more time to carve out so plan ahead; although in our experience the extra time is worth it.
5. The Avocado
A new addition you can thank us millennials for. A quick google search will show you a multitude of versions on this carving and its emergence on the scene. Unique in that the pit provides an excellent spot for your ground herbs. 
Bonus: Starburst 
While something you will (likely) only make once, soft and pliable Starburst can work in times of true desperation. Just smash a group together and hollow it out.