The 5 Best Mobile Consumption Devices to Pair with PenSimple

PenSimple is a revolutionary herb grinder, dispenser and portable storage vault made to enable you to access your herbs at the push of a button. With PenSimple’s secure and portable design, you never have to worry about a spilled grinder or handle sticky herbs that leave annoying residue on your fingers. You can pair PenSimple with a number of portable devices. We have analyzed dozens of devices and come up with the five best portable PenSimple partners.

Pax 3 Vaporizer

  1. PAX Vaporizer

If you are in search of a top class device that you can use with your PenSimple, then PAX vaporizer should be your first priority. PAX has a reputation for creating vaporizers with exceptional design and functionality. Few products can match the sleek design of PenSimple, but PAX is truly a sexy device. They are pricier than the other options on this list, but a PAX vape is no doubt one of the best portable devices you can use with your PenSimple.

PenSimple filling pre-roll cone

  1. Pre-roll cones

For those that prefer papers, but don’t have the rolling skills required, pre-rolled cones are the perfect substitute. These can be a pain to load due to the small opening at the top and flexible nature, but with PenSimple loading is a breeze. The PenSimple point has been designed to fit into most cone sizes and can load one up in seconds at the push of a button. Cheap, convenient, and accessible, pre-roll cones are the best to use with PenSimple because they make using papers easy.

Firefly Vaporizer

  1. Firefly Vaporizer

Another vaporizer perfect for PenSimple that’s worth a mention. The Firefly vaporizer is simply one of the most efficient vaporizers for dry herbs and comes with a modern design. Using its convection heating technology the Firefly can support more flavorful herbs and it also comes with a sleek design for maximum visual appeal. Apart from the above, one other thing that makes firefly vaporizer unique is the fact that is unbelievably fast to heat. We have also met the Firefly team and can say that they are some top-notch people that we are happy to support.


Spoon Bowl

  1. Spoon Pipe

If you want to go retro and choose a portable device with a classic appeal to pair with your PenSimple, then a spoon pipe is ideal. Spoon pipes are amazing for many different reasons, including the fact that they are cheap, portable, and there are thousands of color and style options. The only glass to make our list, spoon pipes can be broken easier than some of the other options listed, but for some people there is no alternative to glass.

Apple Bowl

  1. Apple Pipe

Although it might not be as amazing as a fancy vaporizer, the apple pipe is a great portable device that you can use hand in hand with PenSimple. Simply pull the stem out of an apple and make a pipe through the apple using a pen or pencil. By using an apple pipe with PenSimple, you can add an amazing flavor to the smoke and the moisture can cools down the smoke. In case of any trouble, the apple is easily disposable and you can even eat it. (although we would not recommend that)

There are more devices you can pair with PenSimple but if you are looking for the best 5, the ones highlighted above are what to go with.

Let us know what you pair with your PenSimple with when you are on the go!

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