Percentages of Tobacco in Spliffs

The word ‘spliff’ is popular among smoking circles and is used to describe different things depending on the location. In Europe and the US, the word spliff means a cigarette that is a mixture of tobacco and legal smoking herbs. Depending on your preference, here are the most common rations and some of the differences you can expect to see between them.


Let’s be honest, if your spliff ratio is at 0%, then it’s not really a spliff. You’d be entirely avoiding tobacco which is okay if you ask us. One reason why you might have your spliff at 0% is simply because you are health conscious and want to avoid tobacco. Another reason could be that you want to experience the full effect and flavor of your herbs, something that’s harder to do with tobacco mixed.


If you enjoy the flavor of tobacco and the effects of nicotine, then your spliff ration might be close to 25%. Using the 25% tobacco ratio will help ensure that the burning of your spliff will be moderate but not too quick. The 25% ratio is one our favorite blends for spliffs in that it is neither too much nor too little, optimized to get the most out of both your tobacco and other smoking herbs.


According to many smokers, this is the golden ratio of spliffs. This is because your tobacco and the herb will be performing at equal rates with no herb overpowering the other, something that will go a long way in making sure that you enjoy a great experience. 50% tobacco provides an even burn that is well controlled. You won’t burn it too fast and you don’t have to worry as much about the flame going out. Additionally, you can experience the energizing effects of the tobacco along with the euphoric effects of your herbs.


If your spliff is at 75%, you enjoy your tobacco while wanting a little something extra. Going for 75% might not seem ideal as it can overshadow the effects of your other herbs, although it will give you the full effect of the tobacco. One reason why you might prefer the 75% blend is because you like being able to keep your energy and focus even after enjoying a few puffs. This blend will also burn the most consistently of the bunch and will almost never need to be reignited in the middle.

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