PenSimple Shoutouts

We love to talk about how PenSimple can help you in a plethora of different situations. Grinding, storing and dispensing has never been so easy, mobile or subtle. We could go on for days about the benefits we bring to customers like you, but for today’s blog we thought it might be a cool idea to let others do the talking. Below are some other folks that thought the PenSimple was a pretty brilliant idea as well.

“PenSimple Is The Do-It-All Grinder Of The Future” - GreenRushDaily

Full article here:


“This Herb-Grinding and Dispensing Pen Is Perfect for Lazy People” - Gizmodo

Full article here:

“Revolutionary New Grinder Means No More Spills” -

Full article here:

These are just a few of the shoutouts we have received about how cool the PenSimple is. We hope they helped paint a picture of how the mobility and simplicity of your grinding and dispensing can change your life for the better!

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